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FedCon 18 - Saturday

Hey everybody,

Yesterday in the car I started a blog which I did not finish so I will copy/past it here and finish it right away.


Nichelle Nicols

Hello everybody,

I am sitting in the car back home from Emmen Zoo right now. It's Monday the 4th right now which means it's my birthday. But I'm not there yet. First I have to finish the FedCon storie.

On Saturday morning after Cyn kicked me into the bathroom we had a very needed breakfast. We ate alot since we were so damn hungry. This is because we just did not have the time to eat on Friday. After the damn lovely breakfast we left our hotel for the Ubahn. We wanted to use that one because walking was a bit too far for us. When we got there it was already crowded with people but we were almost first in line for entering FedCon. At 9 the convention was opened again. First thing we needed to do war run run run upstairs to queue for the photosessions with Max Grodénchik and Nana Visitor. First it was Max his turn and when he arrived he first walked over to us and we all called MOOGIE!!!!! Haha. He told us that it sounded very good. Whoohoo! Than he asked someone if he would be at his panel which was answered as: yes and you? Haha. We were first in line. Taking the picture was so cool. It was nice to see Max and he is so little haha. You can see at his face he is just the perfect person to play Rom haha. He is so funny. After the picture it was time to queue for Nana Visitor. Here we weren't first in line but who cares. We were almost first haha. And wow... Nana is so tall!! Haha. Again we had a great great time. Now we saw Robert Picardo had a photoshoot and we also queued for this session. It wasn't in our plans but well..... He was here and we were.... Haha. We were standing around the corner this time but.... We made it. Just a few people before us was a man so damn tall. He had to be over the 2 meters. The guy taking the pictures grabbed a box for Robert to stand on for the because so he had around the same height. Haha that was funny to see and everybody clapt haha. After Robert Picardo it was Christofer Judge his turn and we did not join this one because it was just to damn long.

Joyce, Max Grodénchik & Cynthia

We now wanted to know when Nichelle would be signing pictures. She made such a big and good impression to us that we just needed to at her to the list with autographs and pictures. They told us that they did not know and we had to return within an hour. So we walked to another room where the people of battlestar were signing. We joined the long long queue and waited for our turn. We had a great time talking with James Callis. Edward J. Olmos and Michael Hogan. They all 3 loved the "stroopwafels" and were happy with them. When we got all 3 of the signatures it was an hour later.


We went to the information desk againd for asking where Nichelle would be signing and the send us up. She would be signing somewhere upstairs in a seprate room. So we walked up the stairs and looked around. We could not find anything. We asked somebody there and she send us down again. So we went down and found a place with a sign that she would be signing there around 12.30h. So we joined that queue. Almost first. 3 persons in front of us. A man walked over and told us that she would be signing only stuff bought from that store. Ridiculous!!! I could not believe that so I run over to the informationdesk and told the story. They told me that they did not know anything about that and that it wasn't true. So I walked back and we stayed in the queue. A few minutes later heard the same guy telling that story to a dutch guy and I told that guy the story of what the people at the information desk had told me and that's how we met Imanuel. At 12.30h Nichelle arrived at the table and began to sign. We were lucky to get our picture signed and we gave here a dutch "stroopwafel". We were giving them to all the acteurs. Imanuel wasn't as lucky as us and when he put down his picture they told him no. She was only signing bought stuff from the storie.Her bodyguard was telling him that It wasn't Nichelle her choice. He was quiet angry about that. After Nichelle signed our picture we ran upstairs to queue again (schlange hier, schlange dort, schlange überall!). It was almost time for the photosession with Nichelle Nicels. We were almost standing at the stairs already. We waited for a long long long time but finally it was our turn and 2 wonderfull pictures were made. Nichelle enjoyed every minute of it. After the picture with Nichelle we wanted to get our other stuff signed so we needed to enter the "holerdeck" for this. Again the queue was damn long. We were standing almost at the end of the building (150meter approx.). Since we were standing close by the bar we decided it was time for a beer. I walked over to the bar and bought 2. There we saw Imanuel again. He joined us and we found Jens and Sandra again (2 others who we met on Friday).

*from left to right it's: Sandra, Cynthia, Imanuel, Jens*

We talked and talked and talked and waited for 2 hours. Cyn and I were gone for a little while so we could collect our pictures of Jeffrey Combs and Marc Alaimo. We saw there was not much to do at their tables so we walked over and asked them how they were doing and got Cyn her bag signed. We showed the the pictures and the loved them so much the signed them for us. When we got back we waited for a little while and finally it was almost our turn but..... A I-am-so-good-I-am-wearing-a-pink-shirt guy came over and rudely told us that we had to come back tomorrow because our numbers were to high (when I came back from signing the sign was not standing there).We were so angry we walked over to the informationdesk and told our story. The person over there, Dagmar, told us to come over to her tomorrow and that she would walk to the queue and put is in front. We agreed and the 3 of us (Cyn, Imanuel and I) took the stairs to the second floor again because Nichelle was signing pictures again. So we joined all the others and Cyn and I went for a next beer while Imanuel was waiting in the queue. When we came back the queue was closed. No signed picture today. This was the 3rd time he was rejected and he started to get real agry. The 3 of us went to queue for the picture with Edward J. Olmos and Michael Hogan. There was a line standing for Summer Glau and a small group was already waiting for Eddy and Michael. But between our photosession and Summer Glau her photosessions was another session with a guy from Eureka. So in the end there were 3 queues and the hall was full of people. But it all worked out and we got our pictures.

Joyce, Nichelle Nicols, Cynthia

Now our stomachs were telling us that they needed some food so we headed too the Ubahn again. We took the Ubahn to the city center and sat down at the "pizzahut". We ordered 1.5liter pull beer and 3 panpizza's. We really enjoyed them and we were feeling human again. The food did us all good. After that we headed back to the Ubahn and found out that "Rijn am Flammen" a big, big event was for a lot of young people. The Ubahn was really crowded and even more people wanted to enter at the next stations. They were all wearing 6packs of beer. Instead of a chihuahua everybody is wearing 6packs beer. We have to remember that.... haha.

*At the Ubahn*

*At pizzahut*

When we were back at our Ubahn station we walked (with the rest of the many, many people) towards the Hotel. But only we and some others were entering. All the others headed for the place where Rijn am Flammen was held. Back at FedCon we walked around a bit but there wasn't much to do anymore so we headed for some seats and sat there with another beer. Later on we walked over to the pianobar and sat down there. I was feeling cold and in there it was a little bit warmer. That night there were a lot of people. We saw Mark Sheppard and asked him if he could join us for another picture because he was looking angry at the previous one. He told us to catch up with him later because he had a panel now. So we sat down again and enjoyed our cocktails.


But we did not see Mark Sheppard anymore so maybe tomorrow then. We did see some other girls and joined them for a dance. When we headed to the toilet we met Marco. A guy we did see a few times but never sad hi to. Now he did and we talked a bit. We went outside for some fresh air and decided it was time to go home because it was very late already (almost 1am) and we needed to be back at FedCon early next morning. So we all walked to the Ubahn station and headed back to our hotels. Cyn and I both took a shower and went to bed. We were so damn tired.....


So that's what happened on Saturday. In a next post I will tell you everything about Sunday and Monday (my birthday)

See ya all later


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